MinDig TV Extra


In addition to the well-known MinDig TV, offering 12 free-to-air digital channels for reception with an indoor and rooftop antenna, new pay contents, available with a subscriber card, have appeared since May 2010 on the terrestrial digital broadcast platform operated by Antenna Hungária, under the brand name MinDig TV Extra.


Benefits of the service:

The service is recommended for those:

  • faultless and noise-free image and sound quality at the required reception conditions,
  • offers popular TV channels at a very attractive price,
  • simple installation,
  • the service is available with a simple rooftop antenna and a signal converter (decoder or CA module) and an encrypted card.
  • who prefer a range of high-quality channels offering quality programmes
  • and want to receive the service at a very attractive price.


Services of MinDig TV Extra


Basic Package: 24 channel,
Family Package: Basic Package + 18 channel
Thematic packages (optional only with the Basic or Family package): Világjáró, Aktív+

More information

ADSL internet: MINDIG TV EXTRA NET  XS - S - M - L

Mobil internet: MOBILNET  XS - S - M - L - XL - XXL package

More information

Mobil packages 1 SIM: MOBIL MINI - MOBIL 1000 - MOBIL UNLIMITED 500 MB + other options
Family-friendly packages: MOBIL SZIMPLA - MOBIL DUPLA - MOBIL TRIPLA - MOBIL TETRA + other options

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Equipment required to receive the service:
• a suitable antenna and the related devices (cables, amplifiers etc.), 

• a DVB-T MPEG4 decoder (signal converter) or a television set with built-in MPEG4 decoder, 

• a Conax CAS7 card scanner (if the decoder or the TV set with built-in decoder is unsuitable for the reception of the Conax CAS7 encrypted card), 

• a 'MinDigTV Extra' card (encrypted card). 

The encrypted channels can only be viewed with sets equipped with the Conax CAS7 card scanner. These sets are widely available at various retail outlets. The list of TV sets suitable for the reception of the Mindig TV Extra service and to which the card can be connected is available under the Tools menu item on our website. 

See the website for more information.