Reporting illegal content

Reporting illegal content and point of contacts

At” ANTENNA HUNGÁRIA” Ltd. , we take great care to always act in accordance with relevant laws when providing services, and we encourage our subscribers to do the same. Nevertheless, you may come across illegal content shared by other users or behaviour that violates our General Terms and Conditions when using our services. If you encounter such issues, you can notify us in the following ways:

If you have discovered illegal content, you can make a detailed notice by our dedicated point of contact, Feel free to send an e-mail, indicating precisely what issue you have noticed.

You can submit your notice in Hungarian or English.

Please ensure that your notice always includes information explaining why the content you are notifying constitutes illegal content or why it violates our General Terms and Conditions. You may notify more than one element of illegal content in a single notice. In the notification, you may include a detailed explanation, specify the exact location of the information (URL), or share any other information that may facilitate the identification of the illegal content.

Upon receipt of your notice, we will investigate, and if we reach to the conclusion that the notified content may constitute illegal, or violates our General Terms and Conditions, we will take necessary actions to remove the content or disable the access to it.

If you have provided us with your contact information, we will inform you by e-mail about the decision and/or any actions taken, as well as the available judicial redress. You can submit your notice as an individual or on behalf of an organization. Please note that we do not use any automated decision-making tools in the assessment of your notice.

You can find further information about the possible actions that we may take in our General Terms and Conditions.

You can find our privacy notice on the processing of your personal data provided during the notice here: Illegal content notification data processing notice_0219.docx

Point of contact for Member States’ authorities, the Commission and the European Board for Digital Services:  The aforementioned electronic contact point can also be used by trusted flaggers and by professional entities which are under a specific relationship with Vodafone.

The official languages of the point of contact are Hungarian and English.


This site is designed to comply with the EU Single Market For Digital Services (Regulation (EU) 2022/2065 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 19 October 2022- Digital Services Act) and the EU Directive on electronic commerce as amended (Directive 2000/31/EC).