At Antenna Hungária Zrt’s procurement is managed by its Procurement Department in accordance with the company’s procurement policy adopted by its management, with a view to concluding mutually favourable agreements with suppliers, customers and other business partners. With its documented, controlled and transparent processes and instruments, the Procurement Department guarantees that our suppliers are ethically evaluated, rated and selected through fair and open competition.

In our procurement processes we look for innovative and progressive solutions for making our contribution to a sustainable environment. In doing so, we take care to behave ethically, with due social sensitiveness and environmental awareness, and expect the same from our suppliers as well.

The structure of our procurement process is as follows:

To ensure that its procurement processes are transparent and cost effective Antenna Hungária Zrt. operates electronic procurement systems. The applied solutions cover the complete procurement process from receipt of notification of the requirement to placing the order. Our suppliers can use these systems free of charge.

Effector electronic procurement system (EBR)

The EBR is an electronic interface, developed in Hungary, supporting the following procurement activities:

  • supplier registration
  • overview of calls for proposals
  • submitting of proposals
  • placement of orders, recording of contracts,
  • the key steps are notified to the Suppliers concerned by email

Fluenta electronic procurement system

Fluenta is another electronic interface developed in Hungary, supporting the following procurement activities for those having concluded a framework agreement:

  • ordering goods and services stipulated in the framework agreement, by e-mail notes,
  • confirmation of receipt of the orders


The advantages of the use of electronic procurement systems:

  • increased operational efficiency and lower administrative costs, owing to the elimination of administrative errors
  • secure data storage enabling subsequent retrieval as well
  • guaranteed transparency ensuring equality of opportunities for all suppliers through stiffening competition
  • continuous and traceable process management

In the case of large scale procurements over HUF 2.5 million the procurement systems are accessible for all of our suppliers through the internet. The Procurement Department takes care of smaller scale procurement transactions by inviting proposals in e-mail messages.

The features available in the electronic procurement system for our registered suppliers:

  • access to requests for proposals (EBR),
  • filing questions concerning the proposals (EBR),
  • recording of proposals (EBR),
  • keeping records of orders (Fluenta),
  • confirmation of receipt of orders (Fluenta),
  • electronic bidding in auctions (Fluenta),
  • access to previous orders (function planned to be developed in the future)
  • E-invoicing (function planned to be developed in the future)

In accordance with the effective and applicable statutory regulations it is also possible to submit electronic invoices, in e-mail to

  • Antenna Hungária Zrt’s data and the number of the order and/or contract concerned should be shown in the invoice

No open public procurement process is pending for the time being.

Why is it worth being our supplier?

  • continuous and stable operation
  • creditworthiness
  • many years of experience in telecommunication
  • AH is open to new technologies
  • regular orders in the future

We look forward to hearing from new suppliers of the following products and services:

  • Technical equipment and services for organised events
    • rental and operation of power generators
    • lighting, sound and stage technologies and services, interpreting equipment, rental and operation of USW systems
    • Layher structures
  • Program production
    • live drone broadcast,
    • installation and maintenance of high power supply systems for broadcast cars and other vehicles,
    • manufacture of furniture for broadcast vehicles
    • rental of other facilities (jimmy jib, spider cam, etc.) for programme production
  • Infrastructure
    • office furniture,
    • manufacture of steel structures, tower construction, tower design,
    • area maintenance,
    • electronic assembly materials,
    • cleaning materials, office supplies,
    • building reconstruction, exterior and interior architectural and engineering assignments, electrical systems,
  • IT
    • mobile phones, set top boxes, desktop computers etc.
    • IT development, software items, support activity
    • printing, operation/maintenance
  • Network
    • PP, PMP, RF installation assignments
    • instruments
    • transmitter equipment
    • optical devices and services

All of Antenna Hungária Zrt’s procurement transactions take place in the above procurement systems, where suppliers need to register before they can submit their offers. If you wish to join our suppliers, please enter the following data:

Prequalification form

In addition to entering the above details please send us your latest certificate of incorporation too.

Send above the data and your certificate of incorporation to Thereafter, your pre-qualification will be carried out by our Procurement Department. Once you have been successfully pre-qualified, you will be entered in our procurement systems, of which we will notify your contact person.

From this point on we will be able to ask you for your proposal when we wish to purchase products or services you sell or provide.

Contact details
Antenna Hungária Zrt. Procurement Department, central e-mail:

Electronic procurement systems Support/HelpDesk
If you have any question or problem concerning the system or its use Ha a system, a system please contact:

General Terms and Conditions
Effective Date: 21. 01. 2019.
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Privacy notice
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Social responsibility

In its procurements AH focuses on improvements in quality and energy efficiency, geared towards meeting the requirements for a safe, secure and reliable service provider. The sources and stocks of energy used for AH’s operation are organised with a focus on economic efficiency. Products and services required for the technologies used are purchased in conformity to today’s requirements and standards, in line with changes in the internal and external environment, with a view to improving people’s living standards and ensuring sustainable development (through environmental protection, environment friendly development and, such as, or instance reduced paper use through e-invoicing).