Digital broadcasting

In the spring of 2008, the National Communications Authority issued a tender for the operation of five national terrestrial digital television broadcasting networks and one national terrestrial digital radio broadcasting network, and Antenna Hungária won both tenders. On 5 September 2008, the National Communications Authority and Antenna Hungária signed official agreements on the right to operate the digital terrestrial television and radio broadcasting networks. With the 12-year frequency allocation obtained under the official contract, by December 2008 Antenna Hungária had built the first phase of the national digital terrestrial network with a close to 30% population coverage.

Subsequently, on 23 January 2009, DAB+ broadcasting was launched on the digital terrestrial radio network in Budapest and its vicinity.

The 12-year fixed term of the official contract concluded with the National Media and Communications Authority and the right of frequency use acquired on the basis thereof expired on 5 September 2020, therefore, Antenna Hungária Zrt. was obliged to terminate the use of the frequencies required for the digital radio broadcasting and, starting from midnight of 5 September 2020, to deactivate its DAB+ service.