Audio Streaming service

In addition to the linear broadcasting services on classic platforms, services that allow audiovisual content consumption on-demand and multi-screen are becoming increasingly popular.

Our company has also started a development with which we are able to serve the needs of the new digital media distribution.

The live streaming platform of Antenna Hungária provides a cost-effective, high quality solution to a variety of streaming tasks regardless of the length of the programme, the target audience or the player device.

The http stream that we produce passes through the corporate firewalls and proxy servers so that your content can be watched/listened to even in a large business environment.

The  audio streams produced this way can be played by the well-known media players (VLC, Winamp, Windows Media Players), the built-in players of the Internet browsers or external devices capable of playing the internet radio streams.

The streaming services offered by our company make listening to live or on-demand content possible for iOS Android or Windows devices.