Thanks to Antenna Hungária’s CDN (Content Delivery Network) Internet content transmission network live and on-demand video and sound recordings can be accessed by the users in outstanding quality. Beyond the online distribution of classic broadcasting content usage possibilities range from live sound transmission related to one-time events through video broadcasting to the extensive delivery of any specific content to both open and closed-access areas.


The main features of our CDN service:

  • an immense capacity (240 Gbps) capable of serving traffic exceeding the Hungarian ISP-s traffic through BIX (200 Gbps)
  • a video server designaled for hosting on-demand video content of 2x100 TB net storage capacity
  • traffic based pricing (monthly fee + over limit fee)
  • service reliability (full location and equipment redundancy)
  • content protection 
  • multi-screen display
  • adaptive streaming

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