Our company has decades of international experience in the field of analogue and digital satellite transmissions with regard to the satellite uplink services offered to satellite broadcasters.

Within the frames of its digital satellite broadcasting services, Antenna Hungária currently offers services according to the MPEG-2 standard through the AMOS‑3 satellite. The digital programme package on AMOS-3 platform currently comprises Hír TV and the Da Vinci Learning programme of Spacecom, both broadcasting with Conax encryption. For HBO channel we offered an emergency back-up satellite uplink service between 2008 and May 2015, and since 1st January 2015 we have provided a satellite service with Conax encryption for TV2 Group. 

Within the frames of these services started in 1993, our company has served more than 40 satellite television broadcasters until now. 

You can learn more about the technical background and the history of our satellite services at the following menu. Should you have any questions, please contact us!

Since the first investment – while continuously following the technical changes – Antenna Hungária has served its customers first with analogue then with digital services using MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 encoding on devices produced by internationally accepted hardware and software manufacterers and ensured with a 24-hours support service, while having benefited from its experience with Nagravision, Cryptoworks and Conax encryption, and offering its partners the opportunity to choose from the reserve levels.

Antenna Hungária currently modulates the multiplex signal package with DVB-S (or DVB-S2 with further investments) QPSK modulators receiving ASI-signals (EN 300 421), then after frequency transport and microwave amplification transmits the signalal to the input of the receiver antenna.  

The satellite uplink chain is a highly reliable system with automatic 1+1 redundancy.  The uplink chain consisting of professional, standardized tools fully meets the high technical quality requirements.

The motor-controlled antennas of the uplink station with automatic tracking system are suitable for multiplex transmission for the HOT BIRD satellites located at the 13th East latitude. With further investments any satellite on the geostatitonary orbit from the 4th West position to the 30th East position can be targeted. The uplink station is equipped with a monitoring system which makes the complete signal monitoring possible from the incoming signal stream through the output of each equipment all the way to the broadcast and the returning signals taken back (for control purposes).

The 24-hour monitoring system of the satellite uplink station, the local repair support, the professional staff and the outstanding instruments can guarantee the reliability and the high quality standard of the satellite services of Antenna Hungária Zrt. 


History of the satellite broadcast services of Antenna Hungária

Under the analogue satellite service our company broadcast Duna Television first (from 1993) on the Eutelsat II F3, then (between 1998 and December, 2003) on the Eutelsat Hot Bird 4 and until 31th March, 2010 on the Eutelsat Hot Bird 6 satellite. M2 was broadcast between 1997 and October, 2006 from the Eutelsat Hot Bird 3 and between October, 2006 and October, 2009 on the Eutelsat Hot Bird 8 satellite.

Until 31 May, 2010, Duna  was also digitally broadcast on the Eutelsat Hot Bird 8 Satellite. The same time digital Duna II. Autonómia channel was broadcast along with the analogue Duna TV channel in simulcast mode on the Eutelsat Hot Bird 6 satellite. The M2 channel was broadcast digitally along with the analogue M2 channel in simulcast mode as well until 3rd October 2009.

Within the frames of Eutelsat Digital Platform (EDP) – a joint venture with Eutelsat from 1998, our company broadcast the following programmes for the overseas users until 31 May, 2010: Tunis7 (Tunisian national television programme) and a programme package with 6 television and 2 radio channels offered to Italian users, as well as the following radio programmes: MR1-Kossuth, MR2-Petőfi, MR4, MR5, Radio Tunisia. Within the frames of the service developed together with Eutelsat, Antenna Hungária offered uplink services to the Eutelsat SA.