The HbbTV (Hybrid Broadcast Broasband TV) is a standard established on the digital terrestial television network, capable of providing interactive services. 

In addition to the television and radio programmes broadcast on the DVB-T network, within the HbbTV service multimedia content is added to the supply through the Internet network which can be complemented by interactive services. It features a very easy to use, one-touch start.

Thanks to the broad industry collaboration the technology has become widespread and popular in several European countries. TV channles typically use HbbTV as an extentition of their own programme (mainly competitions, news, sports events) where they povide background information and other extras, or they make previously cast shows or movies available to watch (catch-up tv).

In October 2013 Antenna Hungária launched a free pilot HbbTV service on the digital terrestial television (DVB-T) network , that can be reached from the Information channel at the 99. programme by pressing the red button on the remote control (provided that the viewer uses an HbbTV capable television connected to the Internet).  The pilot contains live TV and radio streams, expanded electronic programme giude, video library, current news, weather forecast, lottery numbers and webcam presentations.

In May 2014 MTVA launched its own HbbTV Service under the name of Médiaklikk where Antenna Hungária is the provider of the technical background. The service can be reached by pressing the red button of the remote control from any public television channel of the MinDig TV platform. The service includes extended programme guide with short descriptions, previews and occassionnally with catch-up content. At the HbbTV portal live programme of radio channels (Parlament Rádió, Nemzetiségi Rádió, Duna World Rádió), news and weather reports can also be found.

What do we need to receive HbbTV service?

  • a smart television device with DVB-T tuner that has HbbTV function
  • the device has to be connected to a rooftop or indoor antenna and has to set up for receiving DVB-T signals
  • the device has to be connected to the Internet
  • in the TV settings it should be checked if the HbbTV function is active or it has to be turned on