The most important advantage of mindigTV service is its free-of-charge availability, without a subscription fee, a fixed-term commitment or a contract – provided that the required reception equipment is available. The main characteristics of the service are immaculate digital image and audio quality and convenient features (e.g. an electronic programme guide).  Currently 12 television channels – including the most popular commercial and public services – are availabe free of charge (M1 HD, M2 HD, Duna HD, M4 Sport HD, M5 HD,
Duna World HD, RTL, Spektrum Home+, TV2, Izaura TV, Dikh TV, MAX4)  in excellent quality, without ghosting, scintillation or colour distortion. With the most advanced technology the cost-free reception of high-definition (HD) programmes (5 from the total of 12 channels) is provided. In addition to the most popular commercial and public TV channels, public radio channels (Radio Kossuth, Petofi Radio, Radio Bartok, Danko Radio) can also be received as part of our service.

mindigTV service was launched in December 2008, and currently has a national coverage of almost 99 percent of the population. The service offers a great opportunity for everyone who would like to watch HD channels in their homes, and can also be handy as a solution for the second or third TV set in the household.

Devices  needed to receive the digital terrestrial service: 

  • for older TV sets, a decoder (i.e. a signalal converter or set-top box) or
  • an integrated TV (a TV set with a built-in converter (DVB-T MPEG-4 tuner), 
  • and, in every case, a suitable antenna. 

See the website for more information (in Hungarian only).