Services for local and regional radio stations

After many years of experience of broadcasting on the radio market we are commited to further expand our share and increase the number of satisfied clients. Our goal is to establish a successful cooperation with the future frequency owners in order to broadcast their content.

We offer a complex broadcasting service on the basis of calls for proposals for local and regional radio service entitlement published by the Media Council of NMHH. We undertake a complex broadcasting service in the case of tendered frequencies, which includes signalal transmission from the studio to the transmitter, sound processing, broadcasting and RDS service.

In the process of signal transmission we implement two different technologies to forward the signalals from the studios to the transmitter in a reserve mode.

Within the broadcasting service our company desings, grants, settles and operates the station, performs the usual maintenence works and the repairs needed. The broadcast is carried out with a non-reserve broadcasting system. We also provide RDS service as part of the broadcast service. Through the sound processor inserted between the signalal transduction system and the transmitter we also undertake the end processing of the broadcast on demand.

In the process of implementing the broadcasting service the ITU-R.BS 412-9 and 450-3, R.BS ITU international recommendations  – as described in the radio licences – are used among others. They essentially determine the

  • the description, characteristics and limiting values of the multiplex signalal broadcast by the radio transmitter
  • the peak deviation of the signal broadcast by the radio transmitter cannot exceed 75 kHZ under any circumstances
  • considering any interval of 60 seconds the power of the complete MPX signalal (including the additional signals such as the pilot and RDS signals) does not exceed the power of a sinusoidal signalal with a peak deviation of 19 kHZ

The deadline for implementing the services is usually 2-4 months from contracting, which may vary depending on local conditions.

Indeed we are ready to provide either only broadcasting or only signal transmission service on our clients’ demand.

Should you have any questions please contact us to agree on an appointment for a personal discussion.

Haraszthy Hajna