Leased-line Internet

Antenna Hungária Zrt's managed leased-line Internet service enables fast and secure access to domestic and international Internet networks in addition to continuous monitoring and availability. The service provides an ideal solution to connecting local area networks to the Internet.

Antenna Hungária Zrt's Internet service is based on our redundant domestic and international network connections.
The service establishes a high-speed link with domestic and international networks.

Additional services

• domain name service

• web storage space lease
• web servcer placement

Who should use our service?

Antenna Hungária Zrt. recommends the use of its Internet service to establish the internal information and data transmission networks of businesses, organizations and Internet providers with a high volume of data traffic and having multiple sites, which see outstanding quality parameters and reliable service provision as top priorities. 

What are the benefits of our service?

• continuous, Internet access of a guaranteed bitrate
• calculable flat-rate monthly fee, independent of the actual traffic 

• high-bandwidth connection to Hungarian and international networks

• flexible service
• outstanding technical parameters
• bandwidth according to demand

Application options

• high-speed corporate Internet access

• managing external and internal correspondence
• obtaining regular business information from the Internet
• on-line collaboration between staff at various sites
• electronic commerce
• enables teleworking 

• publishing company information on the Internet

International relations

Antenna Hungária Zrt's backbone network is connected to two independent international Internet service providers.

Domestic relations

Antenna Hungária Zrt. was among the first Internet providers in Hungary to implement an optical cable connection to the Budapest Internet Exchange, of the bit rate specified by the BIX. In 1998, Antenna Hungária Zrt. was authorised by the Council of Hungarian Internet Providers to use its own network to provide a BIX connection to the Internet providers entitled to BIX membership. 

Availability and troubleshooting

The minimum 99.6-percent annual availability rate can be guaranteed (planned) separately for each connection. As the highly qualified network monitoring team of Antenna Hungária Zrt. carries out the continuous, 24-hour monitoring of trouble-free service operation and the quality of the service, any deterioration of the quality of teh service or any defect occurring in the system will prompt experts to intervene without delay with a view to ensuring uninterrupted and problem-free operation. 

Customer Service

The primary customer relations contact is Antenna Hungária Zrt's personal account manager. An account manager is appointed as soon as a request for proposal is received in order to ensure that competent service is provided to potential customers should any problem arise or the proposal be modified. Similarly, your account manager will be in charge of your order, contract and full compliance with its terms and conditions.

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